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Know your time's worth!

The taximeter runs as soon as the ride starts. The price of the service is clear and you pay at the end. When entering and exiting a conference room after a couple of hours, the value of time isn’t always clear, yet, you still pay. The solution? Confy.


Earn money intuitively.

With an easy and intuitive interface Confy solves the problems of consultants, agencies, coaches, attorneys, freelancers and even babysitters.


More participants, more time, more money.

You decide if you want to manage your own time and money budget or if you’ll be tracking the one of a whole group. Every participant is given their own individual hourly wage and function. You can easily import your contacts or link your whole #slack team.


Your personal time archive.

Keep track of all your sessions. Confy efficiently creates reports filled with important details that enable a better overview of your time.


The design for your time.

Select from multiple themes that give Confy a personal touch. Give it a try!


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